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this is my 10th time to watch live concert

Artiste Lineup:
1. Anna Tsuchiya
2. Tomomi Itano
3. Joe Flizzow
4. Jaclyn Victor
5 Bunkface
6. An Cafe
7. Charisma.com
8. Alvin Chong
9. Juice=Juice
10. FAZZ

I came for An Cafe of course because if it's in Japan i will not go to their live lol

this is my first time travelled to overseas (Malaysia) with my friend Nadiire (not with family)
(later i want to go to Japan with her too , because my family now allow me to go overseas with friend)

We bought ticket Rock Zone with Meet and Greet but Meet and Greet is on Friday night and we came on hi touch session (fortunately not late) because there was traffic and we must went to our hotel first and in the hotel there was a trouble (not our trouble but another person's trouble made us wait for so long) but the hotel is near the venue .

high and touch session is on Sunway Pyramid Mall (yeah close to our hotel)

i needed to do make up first lol

quick make up in the hotel
how is it ?
my friend made it better lol

we just took photo before they came

and they came yeaaah !!!

looked at Miku
he is so super kawaii !!!
he is not looks old
he looks like childish again how nyappy am i !

i shouted Miku many times and nyappy !
i never being this www
Miku is my favorite since 2006

i took photo with An Cafe yey

and we did hi touch i shouted Miku but it just a few minutes but I finally met Miku
how kawaii he is !

can watch the video here : https://www.facebook.com/sunwaypyramid/videos/10155709241968794/?hc_ref=ARQ-4U8KDzlFOlINtL_mlqhfPTkmnF1ywBLALGBM4PbHE4444sK4siEDvnzbZ7UgSFU&pnref=story

after the hi touch session , my friend and i walked and i did not notice that we walked near An Cafe
i was walking behind kanon , takuya , and teruki (maybe yuki was in front of them)

and when i looked behind (searching for my friend) and i looked Miku
after that i smiled and Miku was smilling at me , and i called my friend "come here"
Miku was laughing at me

so this is Japan x Malaysia Friendship concert live report on 23rd September 2017 in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

つづきを読む...Collapse )
after the concert
Miku was tweeting in Malay

He said "Thank you so much ! I am glad to see you . I don't want to go back to Japan . Can we meet again later ?"

Yes we can meet again later Miku !
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21 September 2017 @ 09:50 pm
i just want to copy it because it will be easy for me to read it again

credit : Belle International Support on Facebook

【Question 1: Describe your personality with one word! 】
Masato : calm
Me : i know he is so calm that's why i love calm boys

【2) What are you into recently? 】
Masato : Level up my character in social media games.
Me : great !

【3) What did you have for breakfast today?】
Masato: I haven't eaten breakfast yet either.
Me : poor him www

【Q4) What's your ideal breakfast?】
Masato: Rice, pork miso soup, fried salmon and lightly pickled cabbage.
Me : i am getting hungry now because reading this www

【Q5) What are your charming points?】
Masato: My face
Me : i know you are so charming like a popular boy in shoujo manga

【Q6) What kind of compliments do you appreciate the most?】
Masato: "You looked so good today!"
Me : i think he means to haro

Q.9 Where would you like to travel to?
Masato: Hokkaido
Me : Let's go !

Q.39 A city/country you'd like to live in?

Masato: Otaru (*a city in Hokkaido)
Me : Let's go !
21 September 2017 @ 09:30 pm
how are you ?

so  long i did not writting blog here
because i had sick like a trauma for looking laptop/notebook/pc whatever

on this saturday i will go to malaysia

i will go for an cafe yeah !

live report soon !

i hope i will get soon and the trauma is gone
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