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27 February 2018 @ 10:32 pm
good night here ,

i have been thinking about my friends yeah they were Blitz's fans (ぶりっこ) too

actually i miss talking to them about Blitz or about life (and also sharing files)
we still be friends on SNS except the deactive one
but we are not really chatting just like before

some like new bands like me or some just not interested in vkei again

i hope we still be a good friends and we can meet someday

btw about Blitz

newest photo from CoA and Ryoryo

why they are so cute ?

maybe just CoA and Ryoryo who are active on twitter and instagram

they met in 2017 on session bands's event


also met GAKU

btw why i think ryoryo looks like chizuru from pentagon here ? www

and about mihal , he just posted this photo last year

and about tsubaki , maybe he become a dj
i thought he want to become a youtuber

they met each others (all members) in 2016

i hope they can meet someday again or have a new band if they want too , i don't think gaku wants it because gaku already have work but it depends on him . i miss his soft voice .

oyasumi !
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27 February 2018 @ 10:02 pm
just reading my old entries


why did i write that ?

especially about yusa XD
i already forgot about being his fans www

i was also updating about my favorite bands's stuff
maybe i will do again later

because i want more update my livejournal because i love naoto as the header
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26 February 2018 @ 12:14 pm
good morning here

just want to share my story

in 2017 i wrote a status on MH

"sometimes i just want to go back to my life when i started to like visual kei bands ~ i was 11 years old that time or if i can go back to that time i would stop myself to know about visual kei "

really i want to go back
now i feel bored

i know new bands but i feel like ok this one good but not too addict and don't really want to know the members but if the members is from previous bands that i know so i will search for it but if i don't like it , i just forget about the bands .

and i got comment like this "Yeah I loved the joy of discovering bands when everything was still  fresh. :D"

and this "Yeah I miss when I was like 14, and found CrowXClass, ACE, and Deluhi. Though, I'm still discovering new bands and all (And I found a new obsession, Dezert xD) but I miss when it felt knew and bigger. Vkei just feels smaller now that I'm more experienced "

i miss too when it felt knew and bigger . yes vkei just feels smaller now that i'm more experienced .

i listened to other genres too (yeah i know vkei is not genres i mean other things)
just like Indonesian songs , K-POP , J-POP , J-Rocks , Western songs .

but still my favorite are vkei bands and sometimes i still listen to disbanded bands's songs

now vkei bands i just follow (members and activites)  and listen

- レイヴ(Rave)
- Smileberry
- ベル (Belle)
- ダウト (D=OUT)
- ペンタゴン (Pentagon)
- LIRAIZO (because yuuto is comeback there www)

and sometimes i listen to

- Blu-BiLLioN (because too many love songs , i am falling in love with that boy , no he is not visual kei band members just a normal people)
- Royz
- アルルカン (Arlequin)
- ユナイト(UNiTE)
- アンフィル (Anfiel)
- Chanty (because BCD tour)
- Develop One's Faculties (because BCD tour)
- i.Rias
- Neverland
- the GazettE (mostly old songs or should i call them ガゼット?)
- Alice Nine (mostly old songs or should i call them アリス九號.?)
- 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (lolita 23q because they are come back)
- アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe)

new bands maybe that i listen
- SHeepSLeep
- アクメ (ACME)

- LapLus

disbanded bands that i lstill listen
- xTRIPx
- キャンゼル (Canzel)
- Blitz
- ViViD


i listened to japanese songs since i was a little maybe 3 years old that i realized that i live in this world .
i listened it from ost anime on tv

and first japanese band that i knew L'Arc~en~Ciel
because i watched Samurai X
but i didn't really care about it i mean about the singer or bands i just like that song .

and when i was 11 years old , there was internet in my house so i could search something www  .
and also i found visual kei , first favorit band was the GazettE .

i didn't know what is visual kei ? i thought the GazettE just a japanese band and it's a rock band so maybe it's J-Rocks .

many people here in my country don't know about visual kei so how to explain to them ? i just say it's a japanese band .
just a few people know about visual kei .

and i kept searching about what is visual kei ? visual kei bands and i found yeah gossip's forum for visual kei .

the GazettE , Alice NIne , SCREW , THE KIDDIE , and Blitz have ever became my no 1 favorite visual kei bands

and now ? still don't know maybe Belle ?
i say Rave but maybe not really into you

my favorite bandoman is Masato so i choose Belle for now

i don't know until when that i become a bangya

i still enjoy live concert and i want to see live concert of my favorite bands and also go for instore event .

i want to take 2shot with Yuuto and Masato
and also want to take 5shot with Rave and 6shot with Smileberry

i hope i can
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